Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SCCM - Roger Zander Sourceforge Tools

Roger Zander Sourceforge Tools And Utilities

SMS/SCCM Peer2Peer AddOn

SMSTorrent is a Peer2Peer AddOn for SMS2003/SCCM2007 Clients. SMS/SCCM Clients are able to share the local Package cache with other Clients using the BitTorrent filesharing protocol.

SMS Site Settings tweak

SMSSettings provides a GUI to modify SMS2003 (Microsoft System Management Server 2003) Site Settings which are not accessible over the normal SMS Admin Interface.

Screen Lock

This Tool does lock the Screen, Mouse and Keyboard for a specified time.

SMS Client Center

Troubleshoot and manage SMS 2003 advanced clients

SMS 2003 Offline Hardware Inventory

Capture SMS2003 Hardware Inventory on Systems without Network connectivity or Systems without an SMS Agent installed. This Tool creates a DDR (DataDiscoveryRecord) and an IDMIF File for each scanned system.

Secure Autologon

Enable Windows Autologon without a cleartext password in the Registry. The password will be stored by the Local Security Authority (LSA).

SMS2003 Object Backup

Backup and restore a definable set of SMS 2003 Objects (Packages, Programs, Advertisements, Collections...). SMSObjBackup can also be used for Site Migration (Objects can be moved to another SMS Primary Site Server)

SMS 2003 Adv.Client local policy import

A command line tool to assign local software distribution policies to an SMS 2003 Advanced Client. The Software will be installed independent of collection memberships.


Manage the assigned Software Packages of a Microsoft SMS (SystemManagementServer) 2003 DistributionPoint

SMS 2003 Software Request Web Form

SMS 2003 Software Request Web Form with a simple Workflow (mail/web based).

SMS Collection Commander

Initiate SMS 2003 advanced client actions on a collection: Ping, WakeUp, HW/SW Inventory, ReRun Advertisements, Show logged on user, Download/Refresh Policy, Repair SMS Agents, Import Clients to the Collection...

SMS OSD Program Import

SMSOSDXML extends the SMS 2003 Admin Console to import OSD Program-Settings based on a XML File. SMS OSD automatically creates such XML Files (SMSDeploy.xml) for each OSD Program created in the Admin Console.

SMS Package Dependency Viewer

Show "Microsoft System Management Server 2003" Software Package dependencies in a TreeView.