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License 15A - General License Reconciliation Report by Machine

Most of the time people will get tried to import the third party license file however due to some Characters limitation or some other we will get errors while importing the .csv file.

The easy solution i can see it a free utility called CT-AILW.exe.
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Configuring the utility

Once you have downloaded our utility you have to:
  1. Copy CT-AILW.exe to C:\Program Files\Coretech\AILW\ CT-AILW.exe (you need to create the folder manually).
  2. Copy e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f\e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f.xml to <D>:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Admin\e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f\e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f.xml to <D>:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\ Admin Console\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\ e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f\e1db6caa-40cb-49f0-a744-21ca930b419f.xml (notice, you need to create the Actions folder manually).
  3. Restart the Configuration Manager Console.

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How can I install BDP without any issues?

How can I install BDP without any issues?

Steps to enable Successful BDP:

1. Login to the Target system and uninstall the existing SCCM Client

2. Create a Test collection and add the Target system to the collection.

3. Use delete special to delete the Computer Record.

4. Login to the target BDP Computer

5. Copy all the SCCM Client Binaries from SCCM Server to local drive to a folder called Temp.

6. Open command prompt with administrator rights and change the working directory to above temp Directory
ccmsetup.exe /source:C:\temp /native:FALLBACK SMSSITECODE=XXX

7. Once the client installed refresh the all systems collection and see for the client to Yes.

Then follow below steps to enable BDP role from SCCM Console.

8. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site name> / Site Settings.

9. Right-click Site Systems, point to New, and then click Server.

10. Use the New Site System Server Wizard to deploy the branch distribution point on the specific client on which you want to install it.

11. On the System Role Selection page, select the Distribution Point role.

12. On the Distribution Point page, select the Enable as a branch distribution point option. If you want to limit the branch distribution point installation and package files to a specific partition on the client computer or if you want to reserve a specific amount of disk space for the operating system or workstation files, you can set those preferences on this page.

Note: if the Enable as branch Distribution point option Grayed out repeat the above steps 1 to 7 steps.

What you will do in a SCCM POC?

What you want to cover in SCCM POC??????

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Project Management

PMรจ Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. Initiate - Plan - Execute - Monitor - Close. These are the five main process groups of the project management life cycle.

Each portion of the life cycle has its own process and set of deliverables. For example, during the initiation phase, project managers, stakeholders, and team members will be working on the project proposal and scope statement. During the closing phase, project managers will work on the closing documents and the process of putting the project to bed

  1. Initiation

The initiating processes determine the nature and scope of the project. The initiating stage should include a plan that covers the following areas

a.     Analyzing the business needs / requirements in measurable goals

b.     Reviewing of the current operations

c.     Financial analysis of the costs and benefits including a budget

d.     Stakeholder analysis, including users, and support personnel for the project

e.     Project charter including costs, tasks, deliverables, and schedule

  1. Planning and design: The main purpose is to plan time, cost and resources adequately to estimate the work needed and to effectively manage risk during project execution.

Project planning generally consists of,

a.     Determining how to plan (e.g. By level of detail or rolling wave)

b.     Developing the scope statement

c.     Selecting the planning team

d.     Identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure(Work packages to drill down to all levels)

e.     Identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverables and networking the activities in their logical sequence

f.      Estimating the resource requirements for the activities -HR

g.     Estimating time and cost for activities - Finance

h.     Developing the schedule

i.      Developing the budget - Finance

j.      Risk planning

k.     Gaining formal approval to begin work

  1. Execution and Construction: When you're executing the project, you're carrying out the pre-defined tasks for that project. The project execution process group is the phase during which all of the aspects that you have planned out carefully will be carried out. During this phase of the project, you will be making heavy use of the project plan and of any project tracking tools you have selected.

generally consists of,

a)    Direct and Manage Project execution

b)    Quality Assurance of deliverables

c)     Acquire, Develop and Manage Project team

d)    Distribute Information

e)    Manage stakeholder expectations

f)     Conduct Procurement

  1. Monitoring and controlling systems: We check to see whether the various milestones are being met, what the quality of work being performed is and the progress being made by the team as a whole.

generally consists of,

a.     Measuring the ongoing project activities ('where we are')

b.     Monitoring the project variables (cost, effort, scope, etc.) against the project management plan and the project performance baseline (where we should be)

c.     Identify corrective actions to address issues and risks properly (How can we get on track again)

d.     Influencing the factors that could circumvent integrated change control so only approved changes are implemented.

e.     Project maintenance is an ongoing process and it includes

                              i.        Continuing support of end-users

                             ii.        Correction of errors

                            iii.        Updates of the software over time

  1. Completion/Closing: During the closing phase, files are archived (making room for new projects), closing forms are filled out, and lessons are recorded in order to make the next project run more smoothly.

    1. Project close: Finalize all activities across all of the process groups to formally close the project or a project phase
    2. Contract closure: Complete and settle each contract (including the resolution of any open items) and close each contract applicable to the project or project phase
    3. A Sign-Off for Closing Your Project Out

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PMP Prep

PMP Prep
Module I Introduction: PMP Certification Examination
Module II Projects, Processes and Projects: How You Do the Job
Module III The Process Framework: It All Fits Together
Module IV Integration Management: Getting the Job Done
Module V Scope Management: Doing the Right Stuff
Module VI Time Management: Getting it Done on Time
Module VII Cost Management: Watching the Bottom Line
Module VIII Quality Management: Getting it Right
Module IX Human Resource Management: Getting the Team Together
Module X Communications Management: Getting the Word Out
Module XI Risk Management: Planning for the Unknown
Module XII Procurement Management: Getting Some Help
Module XIII Professional Responsibility: Making Good Choices



Who Should learn PMP ?

* Project Managers
* Team leaders/Members
* Field Staff Members
* Project Engineers
* Design Engineers
* Project Leaders and Admonistrators
* Industrial Engineers
* Program Managers
* Manufacturing Engineers
* Project Coordinators


What are the Tools will help me ???


Project 2010
Microsoft Enterprise Project Management


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