Thursday, October 20, 2011

Error information 0xC1030104

Add the following to your DHCP scope options:if you want to use DHCP Scope options
066 Boot Server Host Name - DNS name of PXE server
067 Bootfile Name - smsboot\x86\

For not to listen the DHCP on Ports (WDS Port & DHCP Ports are same so you must execute this registry change),...............

WDSUTIL /Set-Server /UseDHCPPorts:No /DHCPOption60:Yes


Set the registry value to:

UseDHCPPorts = 0

For the new configuration to take effect run the following command on the co-located DHCP and WDS server:

WDSUTIL /Set-Server /UseDHCPPorts:No /DHCPOption60:Yes
then i got below error 0xC1030104..........

When the error 0xC1030104 i encounter i executed below and resolved this error.

This error was appeared after i configured my SCCM PXE server not to USE DHCP ports

wdsutil /initialize-server /REMINST:"D:\remoteinstall"

even this was not resolved on few servers then i went for clean uninstall and install the PXE point.. then it worked

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