Monday, October 11, 2010

You must know these collections as handy : Collections End to End

1.Client all system collection

2.Non client systems

3.Inactive systems

4.Obsolete system

5.Duplicate client Yes or No

6. Last hardware inventory 14 days

7.Last software inventory 14 days

8.Last Data discovery cycle.

9. XYZ package, XYZ Advertisement success systems’ collection

10. XYZ package, XYZ Advertisement Failed systems’ collection

11.XYZ subnet collection system

12.Add XYZ system’s to a collection of Existing

13. All SMS server system collection

14. All windows server, workstation,DP,BDP collection

15. All system’s with AD site based

16. Collection limiting to sub collection, linking

17.System’s are in “A” collection But not in “B” Collection & Vice versa

18. In collection “XYZ” Software installed system

19. In collection “XYZ” File inventory(s\w inventory based) installed system

20. In collection “XYZ” file specific method(H\w inventory based) system

21.XYZ patch Installed & Not Installed system

22. All windows update Agent version 7.6 below

23.XYZ user/group collection

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